Year Round Mentorship Programs

Remote Reading Teen Mentorship

Remote Reading is a literacy and mentorship program for our K-5 scholars. Each scholar is paired with a 7th-12th  grade student volunteer or USC college student from the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and together they set up a time each week to read a designated book via a phone call. They read through the book page by page together, stopping to answer any questions that the scholar has about plot meaning, word definition, and more. The program is organized and executed by our teen volunteers, under the supervision of our Professional Teen Coordinator. The teens choose, order, and distribute the books amongst the scholars and volunteer readers to ensure that the program is peer-led and that the High School volunteers have ownership in the program. The level of participation and accountability is tracked through peer check-ins. A group of teen mentors also created female empowerment book club in which mentor-mentee pairs read a discuss books with strong female characters and the power of women.

Through these experiences, students are able to further their relationships and continue growing their reading skills. Mentor-mentee pairs also attend events together every other month. The events include field trips, community service or social justice projects and literacy events. 

We also offer a mentorship program for our older students. In this program, middle and high school students are paired with an adult community member. The mentor pair connects once a month during the academic year and discusses topics such as leadership and advocacy and can do a related activity together. 

Teen Board

We also have a Teen Board that meets several times through the year to oversee many of the important year-round activities of Wise Readers. The Teen Board is divided into four Committees, each with its own unique responsibilities. The Scholar Engagement Committee keeps our scholars involved throughout the year by staying in touch with scholars and families as well as sending out hand-made birthday cards to our scholars. The Recruitment Committee works on recruiting new teen volunteers for the summer by liaising with local high schools, going to community service fairs, and utilizing social media. The Scholar Mentorship Committee oversees the Remote Reading Mentorship program, helping ensure everything with scholars and teens goes smoothly. The Fundraising Committee plans one big fundraiser a year as well as creating materials for other teens to hold fundraisers. In addition to the committees, Teen Board Members help plan events and lead Junior Literacy Leader training.

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