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Wise Readers to Leaders program sites are nurturing and positive learning and enrichment environments where: 
  • Scholars read carefully selected and distinctive books with culturally relevant themes, and are engaged in developmentally appropriate learning activities that are uniquely created by curriculum experts to improve literacy, instill a love of reading and build self-confidence in Scholars’ academic abilities
  • Lesson plans incorporate the development areas of cultural awareness, character development and STEM skills, specifically tailored to address the constituency served
  • Scholars engage daily with college age Literacy Leaders (at a 1:12 ratio), teen volunteer Junior Literacy Leaders, and dedicated adult volunteers, all who share a love for reading and a commitment to improving the education inequality in Los Angeles
  • Every day begins with our Reading Rally, a morning session of group cheers, mindfulness, yoga and appreciation moments, and a reading from a community volunteer that emphasizes the importance of literacy and helps set the tone and goals for the day 
  • Scholars receive a healthy breakfast, snack, and lunch every day providing fuel for learning and play 
  • Scholars follow the Wise Readers to Leaders framework of dreaming, learning, supporting each other, and striving for a better future together
  • Scholars are offered counseling and support services in order to provide holistic programming that helps them better understand themselves and the community around them
  • The impact of our activities on Scholars is reinforced with free workshops for parents on subjects including financial literacy, drug prevention, nutrition, and resume writing, a multi-dimensional approach necessary for children’s success: a holistic and supportive life skills program built around reading
Wise Readers to Leaders provides a summer literacy and enrichment program that supports Scholars and families, which includes the following:
  • Innovative literacy and enrichment curriculum that fosters cultural awareness, individual development, mindfulness and STEM skills 
  • Parent and family engagement through parent workshops & volunteer opportunities
  • Enrichment activities such as science, dance, art, music, sports, field trips and more that booster self-confidence and nurture positive attitudes toward learning
  • Literacy, and cultural awareness programming that includes intercultural learning and exchanges
  • Mental and physical health and well-being through holistic and inclusive programming
  • Trauma-informed care and mindfulness are incorporated into staff training and teaching, enhancing the learning of children who have been repeatedly subjected by trauma, as found by scientists 
  • Cultural competency training for staff and volunteers so that they can learn more about our Scholars’ diverse backgrounds and how to best serve our population