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The WRTL staff always aim to become better readers and leaders themselves. Below are some articles that demonstrate the need for our program, help define the direction of our mission, and are directly related to our interests of education, LA’s youth, and social justice.

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Current Book of the Month: Lean In

Past Book Clubs Choices: Go-Giver 

Articles of Interest:

We Can’t Become a Nation of Equal Learners Until We Become a Nation of Readers

LA Teachers Step Up Interventions as Students’ Fears Increasingly Impede Their Ability to Learn

LAUSD’s Ability to Raise Rest Scores for English Learners and Latino Students Comes Up Short in Newest Data

Why Leaders Must Be Readers

California Today: A ‘Seismic Change’ at Cal State

Summer Vacation is Often a Disaster for Poor Kids

The Cost of New York’s Summer Slide

Teaching Parents to Help Stop the Summer Slide

A Stanford Report about an interesting approach to supporting parents by text

LA Unified Reports Big Rise in its Graduation Rate

Overcoming Poverty’s Damage to Learning