Remote reading / remote leading

Both the Remote Reading and Remote Leading programs were developed in order to ensure that the strides that scholars made over the summer in our program were maintained throughout the school year. These age-specific programs support scholars in continuing their pursuit of learning while staying connected to our Junior Literacy Leaders, Literacy Leaders, and other volunteers who dedicate their time to their partner scholar each week.

Remote Reading (RR)

Remote Reading is for our Kinder-5th grade scholars. Each scholar is paired with a 7th-12thgrade student volunteer and together they set up a time each week to read a designated book via a phone call. They read through the book page by page together, stopping to answer any questions that the scholar has about plot meaning, word definition, and more. The program is organized and executed by our teen volunteers, under the supervision of our Professional Teen Coordinator. The teens choose, order, and distribute the books amongst the scholars and volunteer readers to ensure that the program is peer-led and that the High School volunteers have ownership in the program. The level of participation and accountability is tracked through peer check-ins. The teen volunteers meet monthly and review program strength and growth areas to create the strongest system possible. The scholar and teen pairs get together in-person a few times throughout the year, including completing a service project together for Mitzvah Day and celebrating at the WRTL annual holiday party.

Remote Leading (RL)

RL is for our middle school aged scholars and was launched for the first time in September 2017. This program is a literacy-based mentorship program between middle school scholars and volunteer mentors, college-aged and older. Similar to RR, the goal of this program is to work with the middle schoolers to maintain their love for reading and assist them on their educational path. Each scholar is paired with a mentor who calls the scholar weekly to check in. The scholar and mentor will be assigned a book that they read on their own time with a goal of pages to complete each week. The pair discusses the book developments each week, and mentors are encouraged to use the themes of the book to shift in conversations about the scholar’s experience growing up, being in middle school, and anything else that may come up. Every six weeks, in-person Book Clubs are held so that the whole group can come together to discuss the completed book and share their take-aways. The Remote Leaders will also participate in special events throughout the year such as the Mitzvah Day service project, the holiday party, a Heal the Bay clean-up, guest speakers, and exposure to college readiness strategies.